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My name is Julian and I'm a 22 year old history student from Zurich, Switzerland. First of all I would like to explain the name of this blog. The name Julian is in German pronounced as Yulian and my nickname is Ju (speak Yu) or - as my girlfriend started writing it - U, hence the name Whisky-U.

I started drinking whisky at the age of 18. Back then me and my friends just drank Ballantines on the rocks when we were at bars to look tough. One day we bought a bottle of Glenfiddich 12 which we thought was quite enjoyable. The next bottle that we bought was a Lagavulin 16 and it was an absolutely amazing experience and I got hooked. Ever since that moment I am crazy about all things whisky and now about 3 years later I thought it was the right time to start writing about my passion.

One reason I am writing this blog, is that the stereotype of a whisky drinker is an old man who is sitting in a leather chair and enjoying a dram. But there are a lot of women and also young people who are enjoying whisky because the water of life is for everyone and connects people of all gender and age from all around the world. This blog shows the wonderful adventures of a young enthusiast who is trying to discover the vast whisky universe and you are all welcome to participate.

I want to state that by writing this blog I don't want to encourage alcoholism and binge drinking in any way. This blog is intended to show the delights of savouring whisky the right way and I want to highlight that it should be enjoyed with responsibility.

The views and opinions that are expressed on this blog are exclusively my own.

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