Friday, 15 April 2016

My Desert Island Dram

2 days ago I told you that I will be featured on another whisky blog. The blog that I'm talking about is The Amateur Drammer who has a series called Desert Island Drams. In this series each week a person from withing the whisky world nominates the one whisky that they would take to a deserted Island if they could only pick one.

When Andy contacted me and asked me if I want to take part and nominate a dram I got really excited. But it also got my brain working really hard. What whisky would you choose if you know that it would be the only one that you can take with you.
I then decided that it would be very important for me that this whisky lasts me as long as possible. Therefore my main criteria for my pick was the intensity. I would want to take a whisky with of which I could only take one tiny sip and it would still last very long and be satisfying. So I nominated the most intense, but still delicious whisky that I've ever tried - A Mortlach 1991, 21 years old single cask bottled by Signatory Vintage which I had the chance to taste at our shop, Whisky Neumarkt

Check out my article on the Ammateur Drammers blog.

My tasting notes for this whisky:

Mortlach 21 Years Old, Signatory Vintage Cask Strength Collection
Distilled on: 01/10/1991, Bottled on 14/05/2013, Bottled at 53.9% ABV
Matured in a Sherry Butt, Cask No. 7708

First thing to hit the nose is a cooling sensation which comes from the high alcohol. A nice note of ginger and after a while dried fruits, mainly plums. Also a very interesting meaty aroma. With the addition of water the ginger disapears and makes way for honey and roasted almonds.

Very intense and there is a lot going on. It has a nice sweetness with notes of plum jam but there is also a lot of influence from the oak which expresses itself in dry and spicy notes like cinnamon and crushed pepper. With the addition of water the dry, oaky sensation is tuned down and I get more of the dried fruits like raisins.

The finish lasts extremely long and warms the throat. The oak is also very noticeable and I once again get that dry bitterness like when you eat a chocolate with a high cocoa content. The most amazing thing about the finish of this whisky is that when you take a deep breath you get a real kick in your mouth, even 1 or 2 minutes after you had your sip.

Wow, like a really delicious punch in your face. Stunning and very interesting dram

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