Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Auchroisk 1991 Claxton's

Picture by Claxton's

It was a really nice surprise when I recently got a message by Yorkshire based independent bottler Claxton's who asked if I want to review some of their expressions. As I had read some very interesting reviews of their whiskies I was really eager to try them.

The first whisky out of three samples I reviewed was a 25 years old Auchroisk from a single bourbon hogshead. It was distilled on April 26 1991 and bottled at 51.7% ABV. Claxton's bottle all their whiskies without chill filtration and without the addition of colouring.

Nose: On the nose it starts with malty aromas and quite some bite from the alcohol which expresses itself in notes of ginger, fresh walnuts and a touch of varnish. There is also some lime peel, some grassy and also floral aromas and after a while I got the scent of some (over-) ripe pears.

Palate: On the palate there is the lime again and it reminds me of lemon cake which is a favourit among Swiss children. I also get the sharp notes of ginger and young walnuts again that were present on the nose. After a moment I also get some fruity aromas like stewed pears but they are very subtle.

Finish: On the medium long finish the whisky is still a bit astringent and I also get some spicy notes of cinnamon and clove from the oak cask and the spirit is pleasantly warming my throat.

I found this quite interesting. There are a lot of lemony/limey notes and with a bit of time and air there are also some fruity and floral touches. Very noticeable were some certain sharp notes which reminded me of ginger and young walnuts. There was also a little bit of varnish (I noticed such a note in another Auchroisk from Signatory Vintage) that was a bit of an off note but all in all I enjoyed this bottling. A solid whisky for a very reasonable price especially in todays market. Around 110 Euros.

(note: I noticed that there were a few reviews with a different ABV. I don't know if they bottled this at different strengths but I intend to find it out)

Really looking forward to two more expressions

Disclaimer: This sample was provided by Claxton's Spirits

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